The world’s best property management tools at your beck and call.

Home is important. We believe rental homes are equally important, so we promise to manage everything from listing strategies to maintenance and move-out procedures. And because we help keep your total cost of ownership and vacancy rates low, you can earn more money while actually doing less.

SMART list


  • Market analysis and strategy
  • Online marketing implementation 
  • 24-hour on-call leasing specialist 

Let us find your tenant.

Using our SMARTlist, we will develop a listing strategy for your rental home based on a market analysis of its location. We’ll find you a competitive rental price and implement a tactical marketing strategy. After all, your next tenant is looking for us. 

We tailor our marketing plan to fit your home. We’ll explore the available marketing options to ensure that our strategy is the most profitable. Online ads on popular sites such as Yahoo and Craigslist will target serious renters who are looking online for the best possible deals. Direct marketing campaigns and various print ads will reach prospective tenants that aren’t online.

With our realtor referral network, we work to keep your vacancy rate low by working with clients who are already using a preferred realtor. Our on-call leasing specialists are standing by 24/7 to show properties to tenants when they want to see them. You won’t even need to re-arrange your schedule.

READY lease


  • Inspected and ONEprop Approved*
  • Applicant screening process
  • Easy lease process
  • All documents managed online

*ONEprop Approved means we follow state and national rental licensing requirements.

A leasing process you can get excited about.

With READYlease, all prospective tenants go through a screening process that includes rental history, credit scores, and background checks. You can sleep soundly knowing your tenants will be a dream come true.

We’ll provide you with recommendations for applicants that we believe will be the best fit for your rental home. Once you have approved the prospective tenants, we’ll prepare your lease to make sure that it is current on all legal requirements and draft paperless documents for both tenant and ONEprop signatures on the owner’s behalf. We’ll inform tenants of all terms of the lease, including pet policies and parking restrictions, and enforce those terms.

We also partner with other realtors in the area. If you are already using a realtor, we can work together to enhance that relationship, not replace it.

TOTAL care


  • Maintenance managed by ONEprop
  • Escrow funds for repairs 
  • Vetted and approved vendors

Maintenance is hands-free.

TOTALcare provides homeowners with an invaluable service—peace of mind. All maintenance problems are completely managed by us through a 24/7 tenant helpline. Our full-service plan also offers optional Spring lawn service and air conditioning and furnace maintenance service. That means you don’t have to worry about a single thing.

In order to ensure that your property stays in good condition, your property manager will schedule periodic visits with your tenants. With escrowed funds, all repair requests can be resolved without you lifting a single finger. Not only do we completely manage your tenants’ repair requests, we contract vetted and approved vendors through Property Repair Services. In fact, only Property Repair Services (PRS) needs to lift a finger. So put that finger back down.



  • Online transfers and payments
  • Monthly financial statements 
  • All rental and financial documents online

An easier, greener way to manage finances.

There’s a reason it’s called SIMPLEpay. Like everything else, we help you keep financials—you guessed it—simple. With our online payment system, tenants can pay their rent quickly and efficiently, without relying on snail mail. So you’ll receive your money when you want it—right on time. In fact, ONEprop-managed residents pay on time at a higher rate than any other management company.

We’ll keep you up to date with clear, detailed monthly financial statements and be sure to send a CPA-ready annual consolidated statement for tax purposes. Plus, you’re able to access everything online, saving you trees and time.